• Warning action from female prisoners
    • 17:08 27/12/2021

    MERSİN - Four prisoners, who staged a three-day hunger strike in Tarsus Women’s Closed Prison for warning purposes, stated that their ...

  • Blockade attempt on Maxmur Camp
    • 13:55 27/12/2021

    NEWS CENTER - While the Iraqi soldiers tried to blockade Maxmur Camp by closing its around with fences, they faced the reaction of the ...

  • ‘Justice Watch’ on its 290th day
    • 17:17 23/12/2021

    URFA - As Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar’s ‘’Justice Watch’’ action continues on its 290th day, the family said on their digital ...

  • ‘Justice Vigil’ on its 289th day
    • 17:13 22/12/2021

    URFA - The ‘’Justice Vigil’’ started by Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar on March 9 continues on its 289th day. The family shared message ...

  • One woman arrested in Lice
    • 15:51 17/12/2021

    DİYARBAKIR - Nazan Zengir, who is pregnant and has two-year-old child, was detained and arrested yesterday.

  • Femicide in Urfa
    • 16:36 13/12/2021

    URFA - Unidentified people killed Syrian woman named Selva El Hinedi in Haliliye.

  • Iraq soldiers injure journalist
    • 09:25 13/12/2021

    NEWS CENTER - Journalist Nesrin Hesen, who followed the action of Yazidi youth who opposed the Iraqi army who wanted to enter Sinun, was ...

  • One woman killed in Mardin
    • 16:13 11/12/2021

    MARDİN - In Kızıltepe district, Cahide Can was killed with a firearm by Sabri Can.

  • ‘Justice Vigil’ on its 278th day
    • 14:06 11/12/2021

    URFA - Emine and Ferit Şenyaşar, who have been on the ‘’Justice Vigil’’ for 278 days, shared the message ‘’We will bring ...